A 'GAME' CHANGER initiative

The Max-link Sports Club

The Max-Link Adventure Sports Club was conceptualized primarily to boost adventure sports in India. Our core competency lies in aero sports.
Associated with AEROCHUTE INTERNATIONAL: One of the leading powered parachutes manufacturers in the world based in Australia, to promote aero sports and sell Powered Parachutes in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka.
Our association with Hummerchute has thrilled some respected names of our society.
Shri. Krishna Prakash, IPS who has bagged the Ironman title, was thrilled after going through the Hummerchute Paramotor experience. He thoroughly enjoyed the beauty of Lonavala and the enchanting view of the forts around, the rising sun and waterbodies. He extended his gratitude to the team Maxlink.

The BAT HAWK is the world’s most affordable micro aviation aircraft designed and manufactured by Micro Aviation SA. It comes with a Rotax 912 4-cylinder engine which deliver a power of 100 hp. It is a high wing monoplane with the crew of two seated side by side and due to it high propeller position it can also be called a proper bushplane. It is a very versatile and high performance aircraft. The Bat Hawk is a very versatile and no-frills aircraft, designed to do the job with cost in mind. This aircraft is reliable, practical and is a very forgiving aircraft to fly. The Bat Hawk is a solid work-horse which will not let you down. It has unrivalled visibility and is fun to fly!
Alliance with MICRO AVIATION SA: One of the leading micro aircraft manufacturers in the world based in South Africa to promote micro aviation and sell their Bat Hawk aircraft in India.