About MAX-Link


Mr. Vijay Sethi, a self-made businessman with his consistent efforts and the ability to take risks, made it to the pinnacle of success.In spite of his busy schedule, he didn’t let his adventure life take a back seat. He won the Great Himalayan Motor Race In 1999 which turned out to be a milestone in his life as he met Padma Bhushan Dr. Vijaypat Singhania, chairman of Raymond group, who was an adventurer himself. Deriving inspiration from him, Mr. Sethi expanded business and took it to Sharjah, UAE where he set up a plant to manufacture metal window frames.
In 2004 Mr.Sethi wound up his transportation business and shifted to Pune to Start Max-Link Group of companies. With experience in the transportation sector, Mr. Sethi decided to establish a passenger transport company that would cater to the transportation needs of
businesses and companies. Very sooner he jumped into the manufacturing of household articles. Today, Max-Link is an empire of four companies among which are Max-Link Adventure and Sports Pvt. Ltd., Max-Link Landmarks Pvt. Ltd., and Max-Link GlobalTech Pvt. Ltd. which will be soon establishing a business of trending caps, under the name of CAPSHAP. Apart from this, the Max-Link Group of Companies has business not only in retail stores like LEE, Wrangler, Javed Habib, but also has government contracts registered with Government of India and the states. Today, Mr.Sethi is a proud Director of the Board apart from being the CMD of the Max-Link Group of Companies.

Key People of the Organization

Our Roots


Mr. Vijay Sethi

Mr. Vijay Sethi, a self-made businessman with his consistent efforts and the ability to take risks, made it to the pinnacle of success. He had seen his father re-establish the family business after they settled into Rahuri, a small town in Ahmednagar post-partition which is the same place where Mr. Sethi completed his schooling.
After completion his education, Mr. Sethi took up the dealership of Murphy Television and Radios under the name of Badal Music Centre. This business brought him monetary success and goodwill but he is not the man who will sit on his laurels. He wanted to create something big. So he decided to start his own transportation business with two trucks The business flourished and the number of trucks multiplied to 24 in no time, due to Mr.Sethi’s consistent efforts and will to deliver only the best to his clients. But he did not stop at this success too.

Mr. Badal Sethi

Mr. Badal Sethi, one of the dignitaries of Max-Link Group of Companies, stands as the Director of Board. Mr. Badal Sethi completed his schooling from Ahmednagar. He then moved to Pune in order to pursue his graduation. In 2006, Mr. Badal Sethi joined the Max-Link Group of Companies. With an experience of 3 years in the business industry, he tends to be a person of remarkable skills and a phenomenal pioneer of the company. Since then he remains an asset to the organization.
Assistant Director

Mr. Vishal Sethi

Mr.Vishal Sethi currently serves as the Assistant Director in the Max-Link Group of Companies and is one of the important pillars. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Tourism Administration (Dubai) and has recently joined the business. He has a unique blend of industrial know-how and operational expertise, which enable him to develop high-performance business strategies for the diverse verticals of the Group. On joining the business, Mr. Vishal Sethi has proven to be an action-oriented leader.
Director - Retail

Ms. Palak Sethi

Another pedestal of the Max-Link Group of Companies is Ms. Palak Sethi who is the Director – Retail. An efficient and dynamic leader, her focus is centered on keeping the company apace with the current competition. Her bachelor’s degree in Arts, Journalism, and Mass Communication, plays
a pivotal role in solidifying the Group’s retail repertoire. With a strong customer-centric approach and entrepreneurial spirit, Ms. Sethi is indeed an epitome of modern Indian Businesswoman.
GM Finance

Mr. Ashish Mahendru

Mr. Ashish Mahendru heads the accounts department. He has been with the company since 2007. His analytical skills have been as asset to the company. He makes sure all the records are maintained properly and are flawless.
Director of Operations

Mr. Amit Mahendru

Amit Mahendru takes the responsibility of work related to government contracts. A commerce graduate from Pune University, he has been an important pillar of the organization since the inception of the company. He shoulders crucial responsibilities such as laisoning with various government departments and completing the project in stipulated time frame. His people skills are a big asset to the company.
Financial Advisor

Piyush Gujarathi

Mr. Gujarathi is a Chartered Accountant and has been shouldering an important responsibility as a financial advisor since 2015. Under his able guidance, our finance team has been performing well.

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